A Breath of Fresh Air 

“Attending this Love and Logic class was like a breath of fresh air.” – Cheri L.

“I found the strategies taught in the Love and logic class very insightful and I am looking forward to using them as a foundation for creating a more positive climate in my classroom.” – Heather B.

“I really enjoyed this class. It helped me realize that I could make the last week of school and remain sane. A wonderful bunch of simple things to help kids grow strong. I really enjoyed it.” – Verna M.

“In taking this course, I learned many valuable skills I can incorporate into my classroom. I am fortunate to have taken this Love and Logic course. The skills are going to help me become even more successful as a teacher and further develop the relationships I have with my students.” – Kim P.

Reduced Stress

“These strategies will provide the benefits of reduced stress for me, a better teaching environment. And more students who take ownership for their actions.” – Tom D.

“I am very glad that I took this course. I have learned some valuable techniques of classroom management that are directly applicable to my teaching. I have also been reminded of some great ways to work with my own children. Thank you for offering this class and sharing your knowledge.” – Lynn J.

“This class came at just the right time.” – Suzanne K.

“Love and Logic has given me a variety of tools to create a very healthy, productive and low-stress classroom. In the short time I’ve had to implement a couple of Love and Logic skills, I’ve already noticed a positive impact on my teaching and my classroom environment.” – Betsy H.

“This Love and Logic class couldn’t have come at a better time in my teaching career.” – Ann L.

Renewed Enjoyment 

“I feel like ever since I have taken this course that I am so much happier in my classroom and I am able to have fun with my students again. I am less stressed when I go home at the end of the day.” – Elijah L.

“This Love and Logic class has got me so pumped up to start the new teaching year. I am so excited that I have already tried some of the exercises and have seen some positive responses. I am really glad that I took this class at this time of year. I definitely recommend it to all, whether struggling or not.” – Bridget S.

“This class has given me the tools, skills and strategies necessary to work with students in a positive, loving and logical manner.” – Robin C.

“As I finish writing this paper, I experienced my first truly stress-free day in a long time as a consciously tried to incorporate the philosophy of Love and Logic into my teaching style.” – Glenn F.

Highly Recommended 

“I wanted you to know how appreciative I am of your book study offerings. I have been trying to get my Masters +90 and your book studies allowed me to do that (and learn a whole lot and become a better teacher at the same time). Thank you!” – Kelsey S.

“I was glad I was able to learn more about Love and Logic and I would recommend this class to any educator.” – Whitney M.

“I will strongly recommend this class to both parents and teachers alike.” – Heather C.

“In just a few days removed from the Love and Logic for Educators seminar, I have already seen real improvement in my classroom.” – Todd C.

“The Love and Logic for Educators seminar was an outstanding presentation of relevant, beneficial information on student school-related relationship management.” – Cindi F.

“This class was well worth my time and I will highly recommend it to other teachers and parents.” – Carol Q.